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Language Courses

One-to-one and couple courses


One-to-one and couple courses are standard or customized language courses to fulfill each customer’s needs and requests.

The courses are planned with the customer in every aspect, duration and frequency included. 


Group courses based on proficiency

Groups courses are standard language courses made of students with similar language and communication skills, from beginners to advanced. 

Groups are made of students with similar linguistic and communicative skills, not only to facilitate learning and interactions, but also to encourage their cultural and personal growth.


Business Language courses

Business Language courses are addressed to those who desire to discover or expand Business world in order to face it to the best, learning the language tools needed to better deal with people in the international work context.

Corporate courses


Corporate Language courses are addressed to the companies who work and deal with foreign markets and would like to ensure the proficiency of corporate personnel in the international communications.

The courses are completely customized in content to fulfill each company's request and in location, as they can take place at the companies' headquarters or at our Linguistic Center. 

Language courses for teenagers

Language courses for teenagers are addressed to the students of secondary and high schools and are planned to be aligned with school programs, but also complementary.

They aim to enrich and strengthen  cultural and personal teenagers background. 

English courses for children 

English courses for children are addressed to the children of nursery schools, kindergartens and primary schools. 

The courses are planned to develop and enrich their communicative and interactional skills through involving and funny teaching methods.


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