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Name Yourself Universally


You write it NYU, you read it NEW.

Our Language Centre NYU will be your new window on the Languages world.

Open it and discover the world with our NYU method!

COVID-19 EMERGENCY: in accordance with Italian decree-law of 17th May 2020 and Lombardy regional ordinance No. 547 of 17th May 2020, safety and hygienic measures will be applied to combat the spread of Covid-19 infection.

English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian and Italian as Second Language online and in school Courses

Choose the course that best suits you!

Corsi di Lingua

One-to-one and couple Language courses

One-to-one and couple courses are standard or customized language courses to fulfill each customer’s needs and requests.

Group Language courses based on proficiency

Groups courses are standard language courses made of students with similar language and communication skills, from beginners to advanced. 

Business Language courses

Business Language courses are addressed to those who desire to discover or expand Business world in order to face it to the best. 

Corporate Language courses

Corporate Language courses are addressed to the companies who work and deal with foreign markets and would like to ensure the proficiency of corporate personnel in the international communications.

Language courses for teenagers

Language courses for teenagers are addressed to the students of secondary and high schools and are planned to be aligned with school programs, but also complementary. 

Language courses for children

Language courses for children are addressed to the children of nursery schools, kindergartens and primary schools.  

I Nostri Servizi

Language Services

Beside Language Courses, we offer several Linguistic Services.

School tutoring

We offer school tutoring service for students of any levels who desire to deepen the knowledge or need to fill a gap or overcome difficulties in the foreign language studied at school.


Our translations are made by qualified translators and proofread by native-speaker experts in order to ensure further accuracy, text fluency and stylistic appropriateness compared to the source text.

Proofreading and Editing

We offer proofreading and editing service for those who have already a translated text (for examples, degree thesis, essays, articles, websites etc.) and would like to ensure accuracy, text fluency and stylistic appropriateness in order to deliver a high quality final product.

Why NYU?

NYU is: making of our passion, a job.

NYU is: keeping on learning, discovering the world, being curious.

NYU is: thinking that a language is not only a set of grammatical rules, but also cultures, traditions and people living it.

NYU is: facing challenges and difficulties on the path because the achievement of your goals will be even more satisfying and exciting.

NYU is our way of life, every day.

And this is why we commit to make NYU your days too.

Perchè NYU?
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